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Team physicians are generally licensed by their home state. As a result, when they travel with their athletic teams across state lines to out-of-state events, they are working without a license. For example, the Notre Dame and UCLA sports medicine professionals who traveled to Austin and College station for the opening weekend of college football did not have licenses that were recognized by the state of Texas.

California, Louisiana, Florida, and Illinois are among the state legislatures that have passed laws to protect out-of-state team physicians who provide care when their teams visit those states.

It is critical for the 2017 Texas Legislature to pass a law that would protect out-of-state team physicians when they follow their athletic teams to Texas. By doing so, this would encourage the remaining states to enact a similar law so that Texas' team physicians are protected when they travel to the 49 other states.

Texas State Rep. Bobby Guerra (D-McAllen) will introduce legislation in the 2017 Texas Legislature that would direct the Texas Medical Board and the Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation, Athletic Trainers' Division to provide a licensing exemption to out-of-state team physicians while they are providing care to their teams while they're in Texas.

Team physicians and their advocates are encouraged to educate state lawmakers about the importance of this legislation. Click here to learn how the 85th Texas Legislature can help team physicians.

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